Shabach Visual Lab is a branch of Shabach Records dedicated to taking you the extra mile in your music career. We put a face to your music with stunning and professional looking music videos. The world is becoming more visual than ever with the help of smart phones and easy access to computers. People want to see the artist, get a sense of how they move, and hear what inspired their music. After Felis travelled with his pregnant wife all the way to Oklahoma to shoot a music video, with one song costing almost 3 times the price he would want to pay (without considering the other costs of travel, food and lodging) he knew he had to make quality video more accesible.  At Shabach Visual Lab we offer video production to go hand in hand with your audio. Whether your audio was recorded with us or not we still have you covered.  With the help of a Phantom 4 drone we will color your video to get that cinematic look that is trending right now at a very reasonable price. 

Putting a face to your music!

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