Shabach Records is a recording studio located in Merrillville, IN, featuring the best of both analog and modern digital tools. We provide a unique atmosphere that fosters an eclectic range of music styles; from afro pop to modern american genres. Music is our passion and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.
  • Keeping with the advancements in technology, we do a combination of Digital and Analog recording, utilizing the speed and power of iMac processing. We capture your sound in multi-tracks in order to give you unlimited numbers of tracks for any size project.

  • Every engineer has their preferences and taste, and for that it is hard to say which is the best mixer, but with Presonus Studio Live AI, we get what we want and our output always tells us what is true.

  • We have a collection of microphones that range from Neuman to Sterling, Audio-Technica to Revolution. We will assign the mic that suits your voice or your instrument the best.

  • Although our mixer has the capability to do everything for recording and mixing, based on the built in fat channel setting, we still prefer adding a little compressor, equalizer, spectral enhancer and more on the side, giving you a sound you desire.

  • I easily could blame it on my teacher, but my sound engineering teacher talked highly about Tannoy, and after trying them out, I never wanted any other monitors. At Shabach we use two sets of Tannoy Reveal, giving us the accuracy we need to do what we love.

  • I know most musicians like to bring their own instruments, and we accomodate  for that. However, it is not a must. We have instruments that will help you do what you need to do in house as well. Guitars: Electric, Accoustic and Bass, We also have Midi controllers for those who need music creation and much more.